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Drinking Game

The following "Moonlighting Drinking Game" was proposed by J.J. Burgund, with a small handful of additions from me and others. If you've been around on the Internet for very long, you've probably seen one of these before. The rules are simple: while watching Moonlighting, when you see anything on the list, you take the indicated number of drinks.

This list is a modest beginning, and there are still lots of good potential additions to this list. Contributions are welcome. Send them either to J.J. or to me.

While watching Moonlighting, take a drink whenever:

David wears sunglasses indoors
Maddie wears sunglasses
Someone makes a reference to David's hair (2)
Maddie calls David, "Addison"
Maddie calls David, "Addison", and she isn't mad (2)
David and Maddie talk at the same time (2)
David and Maddie yell at the same time
Maddie drives the BMW
Maddie or David refer to the writers or the script
Maddie or David talk to the viewers, or about the viewers
David sings
David sings, and it's not an R&B song (2)
David sings, accompanied by background music (3)
Maddie sings (2)
Maddie asks where David is
Any reference to the Anselmo case (2)
Maddie and David slam their office doors
David has his collar buttoned and tie snug (3)
David climbs up on a desk
David has a drink
David is plastered (2)
David sings while plastered (3)
David is hung over from being plastered the night before (2)
Maddie has a drink (3)
Maddie throws something
Maddie wants to take a case
David doesn't want to take a case (3)
Miss DiPesto says, "There's someone here to see you."
Maddie calls DiPesto "Agnes" (2)
Maddie confides in Agnes
Agnes confides in Maddie
There's a murder
David says "boink"
David propositions Maddie
Maddie asks David to leave her office
Richie calls David "bro" (2)
David throws a party in the office
One or more people are in the elevator, and we see only their legs and feet
Agnes answers the phone
Agnes doesn't finish a rhyme (2)
The answering machine plays an Agnes rhyme (2)
Anyone answers the office phone besides Agnes
Someone else answers the phone and tries to rhyme like Agnes (3)
David or Maddie steal a vehicle in the chase scene
A hit song is played in the background
Dennis Dugan directs an episode
Glenn Gordon Caron writes an episode
MacGillicuddy speaks
Any other member of the office staff speaks (2)

and finally:

When Kate and Petruchio say, "We hate iambic pentameter" -- drink everything in sight :-)
Brian C. Madsen

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