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Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:02:45 EST
Subject: drinking game

This game is quite simple to play, all you need is a deck of cards, people, and of course, beer. It is called Montana and the drunk factor is relatively high, because it is easy to get screwed over while playing this game.

The game starts with the dealer, lines up two rows horizontally containing ten cards face down in each row. ( less cards may be lined up if you have more players, but always an even number of cards in each row.) Next the dealer deals out the remaining cards to the players, and starts the game by turning over the first card in the top row. This card has a value of drinking for 1 second or sip.

Players who have this card in their hand may give this card to any other player in the game, and the player who gets the card must drink 1 sip multiplied by the face value of the card he is given. For instance, if the card value for 1 sip is a 7, the person would drink for 7 seconds or sips. All cards are face value, and ace=1, J, K, Q =10.

The game continues with each card turned over in the row increasing in seconds as the remaining cards are all turned over. (if you used 20 total cards in the rows, the last person to drink could possibly have to drink for 200 seconds!) this game really gets you drunk.

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