Monopoly (swgoths version)

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Created March 8, 1997 while waiting for the Cameo Theatre in San Antonio to do something worthwhile.

It works pretty simply:

Things that make you drink

  • Pay rent to a player - 1 drink
  • Pay more than $50 rent - add 1 drink
  • Go to jail - 1 drink
  • Stay in jail (fail to roll doubles or use get out of jail free card) - 1 drink
  • Roll doubles - 1 drink
  • Form a monopoly - 1 drink (You're obviously doing too well)
  • Pay luxury tax or income tax - 1 drink
  • Land on a utility if both are owned by one person - roll one die, drink that many times
  • Sell property to another player - 1 drink each (to toast the deal). This happens any time property changes hands between two players, for any reason. Only one drink per transaction.
  • Mortgage property - 1 drink per property mortgaged.
  • Buy Boardwalk or Park Place - 1 drink
  • Buy house(s) - 1 drink (no matter how many houses)
  • Buy hotel - 1 drink for each other player in the game
  • Any time a card makes you pay multiple people - drink once per person
  • Any time a card makes you pay, not mentioned above - drink once.

Things that let you give away drinks

  • Pass go - give 1 drink
  • Get money from chance or community chest - Give one drink per $100
  • Free Parking - Everyone else drinks

silver's ruleset

To punish y'all for existing, I should scan his sheet, but instead I'll try to make some sense of it...

Things that cause you to imbibe, because you pay
RENT Regular 1 drink, or 2 drinks if over $50
w/Monopoly 2 drinks, or 2 if over $100
w/Monopoly & Improvements 3 drinks, or 4 if over $200
Utilities one owned by owner 1 drink
both owned by owner Roll one die, drink that many times
RailRoad 1 drink per railroad owned by owner
Chance/Community Chest Paid to Bank 1 drink per $100
Paid to Players 1 drink per $100 per player
Pay tax (luxury or income) 1 drink
Things you voluntarily pay for, and therefore someone drinks, usually
Buy property, RR, utility From bank no drinks
From other player 1 drink
Make monopoly, buy 4th R.R. or 2nd utility 2 drinks (in addition to above)
Buy House(s) 1 drink, no matter how many houses
Buy Hotel(s) all players take one drink per hotel
Optionally: Everyone drinks from your cup
Buy Boardwalk or Park Place 1 drink
Pay to get out of jail 2 drinks
Things you get paid for (more drinking for someone)
Passing Go Give one drink
Free Parking All other players get one drink
Chance/Community Chest Give one drink per $100
Selling/Mortaging property 1 drink (see buying property, above)
Selling houses/hotels 1 drink per item sold
Rolling Doubles 1st two times in a turn 1 drink
Third time 3 drinks
Go to jail any other way Two drinks
Spend a turn in jail One drink

silver also comments that most of these payout rules could be eliminated and replaced with pay once for $1-49, twice for $50-99, thrice for $100-199, and four times for $200+, with no discrimination for who or what you pay to; This does not work for the following events:

  • Making a monopoly, buying the 4th Railroad, or the 2nd utility
  • Buying houses/hotels
  • Buying Boardwalk or Park Place

swgoths Monopoly drinking game was constructed by Martin Espinoza (and assorted others, such as silver, julianne, lonny, and some silly boy in San Antonio).

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