Mille Bournes

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This game was created by Barry and Shari

First, get a Mille Bournes card game from wherever you like to buy your toys. There are Mille Bornes games for the computer, but not everyone likes to play a drinking game with the computer. I do, and Barry might - I'll have to ask him, but some people don't. The best Mille Bornes game I have ever seen is one made for the PC (DOS - but very graphical) by Richard Tom. If you can find a copy then I heartily encourage you to try it (and register).



Whenever you play a Roll card you must take one sip.



Whenever a Hazard is played against you then you must take one sip.

Safety Cards


I'm talking about the Big Four - Extra Tank, Right of Way, Puncture Proof, and Driving Ace

  • Whenever you play a safety everyone else takes one sip.
  • If it is a Coup Fouree then the person whose hazard you played against takes 2 extra sips.
  • If someone gets all 4 safeties then as soon as the regular drinking is done everyone must take 4 sips to celebrate the event (or get drunker because they know they don't have a chance of winning the hand).

200 Mile Card

mb-200.gif When you play a 200 mile card you must take 2 sips.

End of the Hand:

  • Everyone who didn't win takes one sip.
  • If the winner had a Safe Trip then everyone else takes one more sip.
  • If the winner won by Delayed Action then everyone takes one more sip.
  • If any player was Shut Out they must guzzle the rest of their drink.

End of the Game:

All who lost the game take 2 sips.

The Mille Bornes Drinking Game is copyright © 1995-1996
Barry and Shari

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