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Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 12:07:40 -0400
From: Mike Gerardi 

This game is a lot like Drug Dealer but much more fun when played with a large group of people.

You deal out one face-down card per person with 3 of the cards being Aces. The people who get the Aces are in the Mafia. You can have more special cards depending on the group size. Generally you would want 1/4 of the people playing to be in the Mafia.

Then a designated person shouts "Everyone close your eyes!". Everyone must follow direction. Then he/she shouts "Mafia open your eyes!" At this point everyone in the Mafia opens their eyes and recognizes one another. The caller then shouts "Mafia close your eyes!" then "Everyone open your eyes"

Once everyone has their eyes open, the fun begins. Everyone has a full beer. The point of this game is to kill off the people who are not on your side. If your Mafia, you want all non-Mafia people dead and vice versa. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN KILL SOMEONE IS TO GET A MAJORITY VOTE FROM THE ENTIRE GROUP. So basically you have to accuse someone that they are Mafia and get everyone else to believe you. Once you get a vote, the accused has to flip over their card and reveal their group. The arguments get heated, especially in a large group, but it is a blast.

ONCE YOU ARE KILLED YOU CAN NOT SAY A WORD. You have to sit there and shut up.

The game is over when everyone in the Mafia is dead, or there are numerically more Mafia members then non-Mafia members.

The drinking occurs at many times during the game.

  1. If you are accused of being Mafia and are killed, you have to finish your beer.
  2. If you accuse someone of being Mafia, and they are not, you have to finish your beer.
  3. If you're already dead and engage in an argument you have to finish your beer.
  4. If your "side" loses everyone on your side must finish their beer. That is, if there are more Mafia people at the end than non-Mafia people, all the non-Mafia people have to finish their beer.

In the end the Mafia people drink the most, because they are on their heels and might have to take a bullet to accuse someone they know is not Mafia t get them killed. But in the end, Mafia pride must take a front seat. And if you're real good, you can whip up public opinion against a non-Mafia person and get someone else to accuse them.

The game gets fast and furious as the beer goes down and it is a great time.


If you have a really large group (15-20 people) you can throw a single Joker in the deck to have a "Made-member" of the Mafia entered in the game. If the "made member" is killed, the entire Mafia is killed and must finish their beer. Therefore in the initial opening of the Mafia's eyes, the made member should make sure everyone in the Mafia sees the Joker, so the others can protect him/her. If the "Made-member" survives, he/she can issue a "hit" on another player, by passing a single shot of hard alcohol to the person of their choice at the end of a round.

Mike Gerardi

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