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The rules of Lob according to Zeta Psi.

This game can be played with two or four players.

Materials: Pong table, Two 12 ounce cups filled with beer on each side, pong paddles (ping pong paddles with the handles cut off).

Object: Hit the pong ball into the opposing team's cups.

Etiquette: Players must make a conscious effort to hit lobs and it is poor etiquette to hit the ball in a downward fashion. A lob is generally considered to be shoulder height and above. If a shot hits the ceiling it is considered out of bounds.

Cup placement: Your team's cups are positioned next to each other in the middle of the table. They are parallel to the "baseline" and are placed one pong paddle length distance from the "baseline."

Scoring: Points are scored by hitting the opposing team's cups; two points for hitting the ball into the cup (a "sink") and one point for having the ball hit the cup and bounce off (a "hit"). If a team misses the table during a rally, they have to serve the ball but no points are awarded. When play begins, each team has 5 points. If a team scores (by sinking, hitting, etc.), they deduct a point from their score. The first team to reach zero points is the winner, and the losing team must chug a beer.

Serving: The serve must bounce on the server's side of the net before hitting the opposing side, just like in table tennis. If a team misses the table on their serve they must serve again. If they miss a second time, a point is awarded to the opposing team. If a team hits a cup on a serve, their opponents also get a point.

Saving: If a ball hits your cup, it's not the end of the world. It is possible to "save" the shot by hitting the ball back to your opponents' side of the table, provided it only bounces on your side once. The bounce on the cup does not count as hitting your table.

Variations: Each lob house has its own rules. Due to the low ceiling in their basement, the sisters at Epsilon Kappa Theta ruled that hitting the ceiling is ok and the ball is still in. At Sigma Nu, teams start at 4 points. At Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Delta, if you sink, you win. Some houses (EKT, for instance) score "up to 5" instead of "down from 5", in that when you score a point, you add it to your score instead of starting at 5 and counting down. Zeta Psi (as do other houses) plays Down from 50, 40, etc. These games are identical to pong, except that the teams start off with a higher number of points. Every time a team loses five points, they must finish a beer. In down from 50 and above, tolerance becomes a considerable factor. I played down from 70 once. Once.

Credit: Zack@Dartmouth.edu (ca. 1995)

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