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For those who don't know, Frontline is a satirical take-off of real current affairs shows (particularly in Australia), so accurate that it reportedly helped in the demise of a real show on another network. It is now into it's second series and is screened on Monday nights on the ABC at 8:00 pm. It has also now started screening in the U.S.A. as "Behind the Frontline" on Comedy Central. It won the 1995 Logie for Best Comedy and the 1996 Logie for Most Outstanding Achievement in Comedy for the episode "Divide the Community, Multiply the Ratings" (for any North Americans reading this, they are more than the equivalent of an Emmy), and interestingly enough, two 1995 Australian Film Industry (AFI) award for best writing and production in a drama series!
The following points should also be made for those not entirely familiar with the series:

  • Ray Martin is the host of A Current Affair, a real show which consistently wins the ratings.
  • Channel Nine is the most dominant network in Australia.
  • Neil Mitchell and Pet er Couchman are respected Australian journalists with real talkback radio shows.
  • Mike's hair (which is really a wig) is loosely based on Ray's hairstyle which has not changed in well over a decade.
  • Stuart Littlemore actually hosts a real program called Mediawatch on ABC which points out errors in the media, particularly television news and current affairs shows.
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What you will need:

  1. Tapes of Frontline (as many as you want/can get/will last for)
  2. Alcoholic beverages (mmm, Cascade Pale Ale.....)
  3. The rules (see below)
  4. People (preferably fans of Frontline)
Before you start, you will need to decide what the drink will be and whether you sip, scull etc when you have to. We suggest BIG sips.


Whenever any of the conditions below are met, have a drink.
Mike says "Hmmm" 1
Mike says "Hmmm, Martin Di Stazio with that report" 2
Mike says "Hmmm, Martin Di Stazio with that disturbing report" 3
Mike says "Ohh" 1
Mike doesn't understand something 1
Mike is tricked by Brian, Sam, Marty or Jan 1
Mike stuffs up 1
Mike stuffs up BIG time 2
Brooke is bitchy 1
Brooke gets her way 1
The photocopier repairman (Tom Gleisner) appears 4
"Friday Night Funny-man" Elliot Rhodes appears 2
Geoff Salter, the weatherman appears 2
Geoff is wearing a vest 1
Geoff is impressed by Mike 1
Dom (Mike' secretary) is impressed by Mike 2
Mike is impressed by Sam's or Brian's (or anyone else's intelligence) 1
Mike is impressed by a guru 2
Mike gets a new toy/gadget 1
Mike uses his new toy/gadget 2
Emma impresses you 3
Emma cries 3
Emma saves the day 2
Dom (Mike's secretary has a new hairstyle) 1
Hugh (the film editor) has a ciggie 2
Hugh has a ciggie and a greasy burger 3
Hugh mouths something obscene at Mike 3
Hugh has an asthma attack 5
Any cameo appearance (ignore this if you watch "This Night of Nights" 2
Neil Mitchell appears (first series) 2
Peter Couchman appears (second series) 2
Stuart Littlemore appears 2
Jan (station PR) turns up 2
Mike needs an image change 3
Mike tries/wants to be taken seriously 1
Mike tries/wants to do a "hard-hitting" interview 2
Mike is outwitted 1
Mike is outwitted.... on air 2
Ray Martin/A Current Affair (ACA) is mentioned 2
Frontline wins ratings/beats ACA 3
Frontline loses rating/loses to ACA 2
Sam, Marty, or Brian say "Mate" 1
Either Sam or Brian let a New Zealand vowel slip out 3
Stu the cameraman says something funny about Brooke or Mike 2
Jase the sound guy gets a line 3
If he gets a funny line 4
Emma becomes EP 6
Mike outsmarts Sam (or anyone for that matter) 10

This has been put together by Evan and Ross Soady

Click here to add any events you think might work well, or just tell us what you think of the game.

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For more information, read the book "Frontline - the behind behind the story......behind the stories". Available at all good bookstores.
Coming soon......the Emma Ward Fan Club

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