Circle of Death

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From: EMK1020 
Subject: Circle of Death

Take a deck of shuffled cards and set them up into a circle (doesn't matter how).

The first person chooses a card. If a black card comes up, the next person draws. This continues until a red card is picked. Who ever is unlucky (or lucky) enough to get the red card has to drink the combined ammount of the black cards in seconds. Believe me, it can add up!

A player must keep drinking and choosing until he/she gets a black card, hence the name, Circle of Death. :)

The usual poker values apply--A=11 K,Q,J=10 etc....

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 08:29:23 -0600 (CST)
From: RACHEL <>
Subject: circle of death

i have another version of circle of death. the cards are spread around a candle or other centerpiece and the people sit in a circle around it. you choose a person to go first and which direction play will go. you pick a card from the pile and play it as follows:

Kwaterfall (everyone chugs, you can't quit until the person before you quits)
Qcategories (name a category and go around the circle with things from that category until someone doesn't have an answer, always start with sexual positions)
Jquestions(starting with the person that drew the card, you ask questions without answering or laughing until someone laughs, first one to answer or laugh drinks)
10thumbs down on the table(last person to put thumb down drinks)
9social (everyone drinks)
8player to the right drinks
7player to the left drinks
5,4,3,2hand out that many drinks
Amake a new rule (example rule:whenever a female drinks, the guys must take 5 drinks, we always make a 5 drink limit)

this game is fun when played with both sexes, then it's a battle of the sexes, trying to get the other drunk

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