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This is another straight forward simple game, the best kind. You will end up very drunk, very quickly if you play this. The necessary materials are: people, lots of beer, and a designated time keeper.

Every minute for 100 minutes, each player takes a shot of beer (1 oz or 1.5 oz, you choose). At one oz, this equates to just short of nine cans of beer in less just over 1.5 hours. That's a lot of beer.

The game starts out slow, but in the later rounds you wonder where the time went. It helps to have a timekeeper because otherwise, you tend to miss a few shots in there.

Remember, not everyone makes it to 100. But if you do, feel proud.

This variant sent in by From: Karl R. Peters (u1006057@warwick.net)

Start drinking beer on thursday afternoon. By that time on Sunday afternoon (72 hours), you have to have drunk 100 beers (12 oz.). Several companions are recommended to guide, support, defend, and help count for you. Mark off a line on an index card for each one, and sign upon completion. I have seen several try, but only one accomplish (after several attempts). Good luck.

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:03:03 EST
From: Brewmstr82@aol.com
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: your century club game is for pussies

Listen, I dont get this, a shot is one ounce. I have heard of this game before but seriously doubt its deadly buzz. I mean you consume a full beer in 12 min. Thats five in a hour. you only have 40 more minutes. Thats 3 1/3 more beers. You are a bitch if you get hammered off 8 1/3 beers in 100 minutes. You want a buzz??? Bong liquor, or bong a whole 40 at one time. The back of your brain goes numb.

This was sent in by Chris Stewart...

I have a drinking game that has a little bit of a twist to it. It is not played with cards or with dice or a cheesy video. It is played with a clock my friend. It is called century club and it has many variations. Please allow me to explain.

The participants (there can be any number) first must obtain beer, approximately three twelve packs for two people. Every participant must also obtain a shot glass. Setting a clock begins the game, at wich point all participants must consume their shot of beer. When the clock changes minutes, shots are consumed. So the bottom line is all participants consume one shot of beer every minute for one hundred minutes. The buzz factor will blow you away. Good music will make the experience even better. I recommend songs one and nine on Dennis Leary's no Cure for Cancer album, followed by disc one from The White Album. This will make your entire century club an earth shattering experience. It is so earth shattering for me and my friends that we have given biblical names to our variations!


  • Hour of Power: partake in century club for only one hour.
  • The 700 Club: partake in century club for one week. Loads of fun!
  • Thousand Points of Light(The big Kahuna) partake in century club every night for ten consecutive nights!

some records were set and broken by some friends. Here are some of our milestones. Hopefully you all will establish some of your own!

Fall of 1994 Record shot number of 164 was established. Record holder vomited three times.

January 1995 The first millenium club (Thousand Points of Light) was commenced and completed.

Fall of 1995 Old record falls. New record of 183 established. Record holder shit himself while in his roomates futon, and barfed six times.

a few weeks after that two people set the all time record of 203. One participant pissed himself and remained passed out, in his piss, for approximately 18 hours. The other participant ( a big ugly schoolyard bully) sat in a chair crying for an hour before he fell off of his top bunk and vomited all over himself for the next fourteen hours.

It helps to have a timekeeper because otherwise, you tend to miss a few shots in there.

Remember, not everyone makes it to 100. But if you do, feel proud.

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