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The bare minimum is 4 players, but 6 or more is far preferable. The players sit around a table or is some other way such that everyone has one person on his left and one on his right.

Somebody starts by holding both hands up to the side of his head and waving them up and down like bunny ears. Whenever someone is doing this, the person on his left must have their right hand up by the side of their head(and waving), and the person on his right must have their left hand up (and waving).

Now, the person with both hands up (the bunny) tags to another player in one of the following ways:

  1. By dropping his left hand: passes to the right
  2. By dropping his right hand: passes to the left

  3. Although this may seem to be the wrong way round, when the player drops his left hand, the person on his right becomes the bunny, and the player on the new bunny's left (the original bunny) will already be in the correct position with their right hand up.
  4. By dropping both hands and holding them palms together in the direction of someone: passes to that person

The new bunny must put both hands up, and the people next to him must put one hand up each as before. Nobody else should have their hands up.

It is also possible to fake, by dropping one hand and pointing with it towards another player. This is just a simple pass to one side, but if the player pointed to is not paying attention, they may mistake it for a pass to them.

Drinking is done by anyone with their hands up when they're not supposed to be, or not having their hands up when they are. That person then starts the next round as bunny. With experienced players, this game can go very fast.

Created by Mark Ransom.
Send e-mail tomar5@ion.le.ac.uk

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