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Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 05:51:39 EST
From: BBDani202@aol.com
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: Here is a drinking game you might what to check out

Hello.. I was reading your web page on drinking games! Me and some friends love playing bullshit but you play alot different than we do. Maybe you will like this way if not I just thought I would tell you it! OK.

Things you need: people and drinks

OK, Everyone stands in a circle and everyone picks a color! Make sure everyone knows their color! OK so say we have Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Brown!

Say Blue starts by saying "One day I was walking down the street and I stepped in some Green shit" Quickly Green says "Bullshit" as if he doesn't believe Blue. So blue says "Who's shit?" basically asking well if I didn't step in Green shit who's shit was it. OK are you following me?

So green quickly says other color for instance "Yellow shit" and Yellow says "Bullshit" Green says "Who's shit?" Yellow quickly names another color! You keep going on and on until someone fucks up! Say Green says "Yellow shit" and Yellow messes up and says "Who's shit" when she was supposed to say Bullshit! Green gets to pick the drinks that Yellow has to drink and you start over and continue playing until everyone is shit faced!

Blue: One day I was walking and stepped in some Brown shit!
Brown: Bullshit!
Blue: Who's Shit?
Brown: Green's Shit!
Green: Bullshit!
Brown: Who's Shit?
Green: Yellow Shit!
Yellow: Bullshit!
Green: Who's Shit?
Yellow: Red Shit!
Red: Who's Shit?

So now red has fucked up so Yellow tells Red how much to drink and it starts over! When responding you have to respond quickly and clear or you drink! Hope you understand and I hope you have fun with it!!!!!

I wish you had more dart drinking games! If you come across anymore please let me know! My family loves playing darts and drinking so it would alot of fun for us! Our favorite game is Cricket, maybe you can come up with something to go with it!


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