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Developed at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada by 3 alcoholic roommates and their alcoholic friends. The game is based loosely on Three Man.


Materials: 2 dice, 1 empty beer box, 1 shot glass, lots of beer, penalty drink (hard shit), 2 or more people (more people = less chance of puking)

Players sit around a table and roll the dice in turn.

Total on Dice:

2 = double odds, see below
3 = person to left of roller drinks
4 = nothing
5 = roll one die again, that's the number of drinks for everyone
6 = make up a rule
7 = thumbs up on table, last one in drinks
8 = penalty shot. Roll one dice, that's how much the shot glass is filled.
9 = person to the right of roller drinks
10 = bathroom break. (until you roll a 10 you don't leave the table)
11 = BOXHEAD, see below
12 = BOXHEAD, see below

Special Rules

Double Evens: Roller drinks (on top of any other applicable rules)
Double Odds: Everybody drinks (on top of any other applicable rules)
BOXHEAD: If you roll an 11 or 12 you must wear the beer box on your head until either you roll another 11 or 12 (in which case it is taken off) or until someone else rolls an 11 or 12 (in which case it is given to the roller). When you are BOXHEAD you must drink whenever someone else drinks (excluding penalty shot).
Dice Off Table: If you are dumb enough to roll one or both dice off the table, take the dice that were rolled off, and roll them again. This is the number of full shots that you must drink.
eg: You roll both dice off table. You roll again and get a total of 12. Prepare to die. You must drink 12 full shots of the evil hard stuff.

A Note on the Choice of Boxes

Over the years certain boxes have become especially important to the game. Of primary importance is the Budweiser box. It is highly valued because the wearer gets to be called "Bud-head". Also important are the Victoria Lager box ("Vic-Lag-head") and the Pilsner box ("Pil-head"). Furthermore, tradition dictates that the same boxes should be kept for all games of Boxhead. The older and more beat up the box the greater the prestige for the owner.

Boxhead Variations


You need two beer boxes for this version. Everything is the same except that there are two boxes in play. The first person to roll an 11 or 12 gets the first box. The second person to roll an 11 or 12 gets the second box. The next person to roll an 11 or 12 gets the first person's box. And so on. If someone with a box already on their head rolls an 11 or 12 then they get to take the box off.


This is played the same way as normal BOXHEAD except that before you roll you look upwards and ask the Great BOXHEAD Deity a yes-or-no question. If the roll comes out in your favor then the answer is what you want it to be. If the roll doesn't come out in your favor then the answer is not what you want it to be. If the roll is neutral then the Great BOXHEAD Deity is undecided. You can also ask questions regarding numbers. For example: "Oh Great Deity, how many times will I have sex this year?" ... hope that you do not roll a two.

Triple Death BOXHEAD:

Warning:This is the most brutal of all the versions. Expect puking.

This is normal BOXHEAD played with three dice. The dice are rolled and then the roller must execute all possible BOXHEAD rules appearing in the three dice. There will be three different combinations.

For example: You roll a 2, 4, and 5. There are three combinations of two dice:

2 + 4 = 6 You get to make a rule.
2 + 5 = 7 Thumbs in.
4 + 5 = 9 Person to your right must drink.

You must follow each of these three rules!!

If two of the combinations are seven then you must get both thumbs on the table. If you roll triples of any number then ... (mail me with your ideas).

Pinball BOXHEAD:

This should only be attempted if you very familiar with the rules of the no-frills game. Every time you finish a drink you put the empty in front of you on the table. Each player should eventually get a small wall of empties in front of him/her. You roll the dice one at a time.

When you roll the dice you must bank it off of at least one of these walls (not your own wall though). If you don't bank it then you must drink the total shown on that one dice. If you are daring then you can try to bank it off two different walls in succession. If you manage that, then you can give away the total shown on the dice to someone you dislike. If you bank it off three walls then you can give away double the total shown on the dice. Off four walls - give away triple the total on the dice, etc. (when you give away drinks you don't have to give them to one person only; you can split them up if you want).

The clincher is that after you have rolled both dice you must follow the normal BOXHEAD rules regarding the total on the two dice. Remember that if the dice go off the table the penalty shot rule still applies (or you can make up a less harsh penalty for this version).


To play this game you must be watching the Bob Ross painting program 'The Joy of Painting' on PBS. We have not yet tried this game since Bob Ross airs at 3:00 in the afternoon on Sundays, and we figure it would be a little pathetic to be drinking at that time.

You need a Bob Ross afro wig to play this game. At the start of the show you roll dice to determine who wears the wig first. The person who first rolls an 11 or 12 gets it. The BobRossHEAD has to drink twice as much as anyone else.

You must drink once whenever:

  • Bob Ross refers to an inanimate object as if it is alive.
  • Bob Ross paints a tree.
  • Bob Ross mentions a color name.
  • Bob Ross uses the phrase "pull it down".
  • Bob Ross tells you to "load" the brush with paint.
  • Bob Ross tells you to "work it from side to side".

You must drink twice whenever:

  • Bob Ross refers to something as being "happy".
  • Bob Ross paints a bird or a rock.
  • Bob Ross tells you how easy it is to do what he is doing.

You must drink three times whenever:

  • Bob Ross screws up.
  • Bob Ross paints a cabin just for the hell of it.
  • Bob Ross covers up his mistake by painting something else over top of it.
  • Bob Ross diverges and talks of something philosophical.

You must down your drink whenever:

  • Bob Ross swears/curses/loses his cool.

Whenever there is a close-up of Bob Ross' palette, the BobRossHEAD gets to pass on the hair to somebody else.

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