Bouncing Ball

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A very interesting and imaginative game. Mid level buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and an imaginary ball.

Everyone sits around a table. There are only three words that can be said: WHIZ, BOUNCE, and BOING. Someone starts by saying one of the words.

WHIZ = the ball passes to next player.
BOUNCE = the ball skips the next player and goes to the following player.
BOING = ball hits wall and reverses direction.

The penalty for errors is drinking.

Variation: play with difficult words such as PERFIGLIANO, SCHWARTZ, and a players name.

Editor's note: Speak of the devil...

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 17:11:27 -0600
From: Michael Foley 
Subject: Rat, Zoom, Pig, Schwartz

Sit in a circle, Someone starts, doesn't matter who. They say "rat", "zoom", "pig" or "schwartz"

rat - control goes to player on the right
pig - control goes to player on the left
zoom - control goes to the player at whom the talker is looking
schwartz - control returns to the last player.

If someone zooms you, you can't zoom.
If someone schwartzes you, you can't schwartz.

first one to screw up(talking when it's not their turn, not talking when it is, not looking at anyone when you zoom, zooming a zoom or schwartzing a schwartz) drinks.

It goes quickly.

If you get someone who is bad and/or can't handle their alcohol it can get ugly quickly.

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