Boat Races

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One of those classic endeavors that leaves everyone wet and drunk. Very high buzz factor. Supplies: people and lots of beer.

Have everybody divide up into two even teams. Each team lines up opposite each other, preferably down a long table, or just sitting on the ground. Fill each glass full of beer and place in on the table in front of each player. The players can not touch their glass before they are allowed. The first players on each team start the game by drinking all of their beer and setting the glass back on the table. When the glass touches the table the second person drinks his beer and sets his glass on the table. This continues until the last beer is gone. The first team to place their last empty glass on the table wins. Wins what you may ask? Nothing.

Alternate version: each player has two glasses of beer. The race goes down the line and returns. That means the turn-around players have to drink two beers in a row.

Editor's note: This is an expanded description of the alternate version.

Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 21:33:56 -0400
From: Dan Webster 
Subject: Boat Racing

Now, the object of this game is get smashed, fast! What you do, is get as many of your buddies as you can, lined up across from each other, in teams. Even numbers needed. Someone starts a 3-2-1-go count down, and on go, the two end guys (either end, the racers decide) looking at each other begin to chug their beer. As soon as the 'Captain' is done, the next guy on that team, a 'Skipper', starts his chug. And this continues, until the last guy, the 'Anchor' is reached.

When he finishes his chug, he begins another. You have to be a super chugger to be the anchor. As soon as he's done, the skipper who just finished, a few moments ago, begins a chug. And it continues, until the Captain has finished his second chug. Which ever team finishes first, is the winner, and gets a round bought for them from the losing team! :)

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