Beverly Hills 90210 (2)

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The Definative 90210 Drinking Game
Created 12/17/91 by Penny Elizabeth Ann Marie Breyer
Originally intended to be used with Episode 2.18 "A Walsh Family Christmas" aired on 12/19/91

Revised 1/28/94 by Lawrence Estep to delete some obsolete rules, and re-word a few others.

Contributors: Todd M Swan, Jeff Abbott, Lawrence Estep.

Drink once whenever...

  • Brandon asks someone out
  • Jim and/or Cindy say something supportive (drink twice if they say it to someone else's kids)
  • Any of the Walshes refers to Minnesota
  • Steve buys something (drink twice if it's really expensive)
  • Donna agrees with Kelly (about anything)
  • Brandon gives Brenda advice/is that understanding-brother type
  • Any of the girls say something bitchy or mean
  • There is a "politically correct" moment
  • It's obvious that Ahhhhndrea wants Brandon
  • It's obvious that Steve wants Brandon
  • Steve says something patronizing or macho
  • David Silver reverts to his previous geek-like ways
  • An obscure Walsh relative suddenly appears
  • One of Dylan's, uh, problems comes up (drinking, Mom, etc.)
  • Anyone actually pays for food at the Peach Pit
  • The subject of Steve's mom's TV show, Hartley House, comes up
  • There is a moral to the story
  • Anyone is in a life threatening situation
  • Andrea's name is mispronounced
  • Steve gets physical with anyone (drink twice if it's Kelly)
  • Sue, Herbert, or Nikki return
  • David and Kelly have a "brotherly/sisterly" moment
  • Steve commits a crime and gets off scot-free
  • Donna debates about sleeping with David
  • Brandon loses a bet
  • Brenda and Kelly fight over Dylan
  • Andrea has something awful happen to her for no apparent reason
  • Jackie avoids drug use during a stressful time
  • Nat urges one of the kids to "help" whatever kid is sitting dejectedly in the Peach Pit
  • Brandon meets a girl, falls in love, and gets dumped by the end of the episode
  • A boom mic lowers into the picture
  • Steve makes a weird sound when he starts talking
  • Brandon's car gets totalled/messed up/set on fire, etc.
  • The Walshes talk about installing another alarm system
  • Any Walsh neighbors appear on the show
  • An environmental related issue is subliminally mentioned on the show (recycling, environmental impact studies, etc.)
  • We see the blue backdrop when the door is opened to the Peach Pit
  • Surfing is mentioned by Dylan
  • That cheesy sad piano version of the 90210 theme song is played
  • Brandon dances or sings on the show
  • We see Jim in his underpants on the show
  • We see Cindy pretend to dial 911 then put the phone down without disconnecting
  • The original opening is used on the older episodes when Douglas
  • Emerson was still a cast member
  • They have another party at the spooky haunted looking house that they used in the Halloween show
  • Anyone on the show says, "I love it, and I love you!"
  • Steve's grandfather appears on the show again
  • The Beverly Hills Patrol beats someone up again
  • Any of the 90210 parents besides Jim and Cindy appear on the show
  • Anytime a 90210 cast member guest stars on another FOX program
  • Kyle (he who is unsure whether or not he likes girls) reappears

Drink everything within reach if...

  • Jim slaps Cindy
  • Robinson Ashe or Cousin Bobby reappears (Bobby was the guy in the wheelchair who liked Kelly)
  • David's friend Scott comes back from the dead
  • David and Donna go all the way
  • David Silver eats poprocks and soda at the same time
  • Donna says something mind-numbingly brilliant
  • David falls and breaks his nose dancing
  • It rains without having a major bearing on the story
  • David gets a recording contract
  • David or Donna lose their virginity
  • Another character gets pregnant
  • Any character gets married
  • Steve commits murder and gets off scot-free
  • No one shows up at the Walshes for a major holiday
  • Mrs. Scanlon ever shows up again
  • The gang is saved from death again by divine intervention
  • Dylan goes an entire episode without brooding
  • Kyle decides he is definitely homosexual
  • Kyle sleeps with Kelly
  • Anyone uses the word "ballistic" again

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