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This game is similar to the game "Libya" but more violent. You can play with more people and of course more beers. You'll need the same gear as with "Libya," cups, ping pong balls, a long table, beer, and participants.

You fashion the cups in a pyramid with a base as large as of however drunk you want to be. When Team 1 lands a ball in a full cup, Team 2 must drink it. However, unlike "Libya", do not remove the cup. Drink it and place it back where it was. Now if Team 1 lands the ball in any empty cup, Team 1 must drink a penalty from beer not on the table.

Keep firing until all the cups on one team have been drained. Once this happens, the losing team (the one with no full cups left) must drink the remaining cups from the other team. Again, very simple.

Variation, from Scott Bryant
If you miss the table altogether, you must drink a cup from your side. However, the last cup must be sunk to be drunk, so you can win or lose.

From: Mort <>
Subject: Beirut variations

Our Beirut game has those ideals that you mentioned, but we change the following:

We have a cup of water a few inches in front of the pyramid. It is nice when the ball goes on the floor, then you cvan wash it off; the water cup comes in to play.

While throwing at beer cups, we allow as much as lean as the participant is comfortable. When all the beer cups are empty, though, we throw for the water cup. Throwing for the water cup requires an arched back, and the game does not end until one team hits the water cup. Some people give the opposing team a chance to tie, and some don't. I also have heard of places requiring all cups to be hit on a bounce.

Just thought you might be interested.
    --Brian Hunsicker

Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:14:32 -0400
From: Josh Grenier 
Subject: A real drinking game for ya.

We call this game beriut but it's not the beruit you have on this page but it's more like libya. You'll need lots of cups and long table, lots of beer and the biggest difference is the quarter. The recommened number of players is 4. Two players per team, although for the lesser of those drinkers 6 players with 3 per team.

Each team sets up 10 cups in a pyrimid at each end of the table. The point of the pyrimids face into the table. Three beers are distributed evenly among the cups. One team shoots the quarter at the other teams cups and if they make it that team has to drink that cup. That cup is removed from the table and the cups are rearanged according to the formations below. Rotate among your team between the shooter and the drinker. After one team has hit all the cups of the oposing team, they win and then send there cups to the other team to drink. The winning team stays on the table and plays again against another opponent.

Additional rules:

  1. If the cup is knocked off the table with the quarter, the cup is filled up and half is then drinkin'. The half full cup is then placed back on the table.
  2. If a team accidently drops the quarter into there own cups, the cup is drunk by that team and the cup is removed from the table.
  3. If the shooting team knocks it's own cups over during play the cup is removed from the table because of sloopy drunked play.
  4. You can flip the quarter to decied who shoots first.


  1. Flag ship beruit: the front cup in the pyrimid is always completely full. If it is hit, the new front cup is then filled to the top.
  2. Stationary beruit: As each cup is removed leave the cups the way they are. Don't move them into the different formations.

The formations are as follows:

   x                   x                 x              x
  x x                x x              x x            x x               x
 x x x             x x x           x x x          x x x            x x
x x x x          x x x              x x             x               x x x

     x                 x
   x x               x x                x               x
  x x                 x                 x x
x                 x

PS. This game is played religiously at Clarkson University in upstate NY. Many years ago it was decieded that a quarter is much more efficent than a ping pong ball. We have many tournements every year and it is very competitive. We have found that par is 14 shots per team. Only the very experienced players can hit this regularly. Perfect games are rare but do happen.

PPS. If you do put this on your page please inform me by replying to this email and if possible a little credit in the bottom of the page. thanks.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have on this game.

This is a game of champions for all the real drinkers of the world.

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