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You begin by going around the circle. Each player chooses an animal to be. They need the action and the noise for the animal. For example, I'm usually the Elephant. I put my elbow to my nose and raise my arm, making trumpeting noises. Another exmaple is the cow (make horns on your head with your fingers and go moo).

To play the game, whoever starts makes their animal action and noise, then that of another player. That play then does their animal, followed by someone elses. And so on. Easy to learn, works best with 6-8 people and the faster the better. Won't get you too pissed though, but, like aliens, it's a big hit with the ladies.

From: Anthony Creedy 
Subject: Bunnies (and other animals)

As you may realise form the title, I've been playing bunnies for a while now and have even played what could be considered the advanced difficulty level version of the game. Basically, before you start playing you agree what animals you are going to use and what the action will be for each(make them up, it's easy). then, the person who's using both hands (the king bunny so to speak) chooses the next animal and the next king bunny by simultaneously pointing / dropping one hand and shouting out the name of the next animal (eg Mole). Thus, the difficulty level, the amusement factor and the number of times people fuck up are all increased. Sorted.

Passive Man

Date: Thu, 24 Dec 98 21:40:39 Eastern Daylight Time
From: Carole Yiu 
To: drink 
Subject: here's another one.

I don't know what the name is but, my friends and I always play this game at parties. It's pretty fun and very confusing. Kay, here it goes.

Each player has a animal sound (ie. oink, oink/baa, baa/ruff, ruff etc.) Then you've got to have the hand co-ordination right. Two hands hit the table, then clap. After the clap, you snap with the left hand then right.

With every beat, you've got to say your animal noise then another person's animal noise. So, it goes (table clap, then regular clap) oink, oink. (snap, snap) ruff, ruff. The game goes on until someone screws up. Then that person has to drink their drink. When you say the animal sounds, it must be in the same beat as you hands. Everyone does the same beat. There can be no hesitation, or else you drink.

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