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Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 16:24:23 -0700 (MST)
From: Teresa H Cole 
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: 7-11-Doubles

Among my circle of friends, we have a pretty cool dice game. I don't know if it exists elsewhere or if my alcoholic friends just made it up. But it is pretty simple and fun to play if your object is to get plowed.

You need a pair of dice, lots of beer, several people, and two small glasses (juice glasses work the best).

One person starts. If you roll a 7 or an 11, the roller gets to select a person to drink. If you roll a double, the roller selects two people to drink. Each person does a shot of beer from the designated glass (or glasses).

Here's the catch: in the time the unlucky fellow is drinking, the roller continues to roll. If a 7-11-or double is rolled again, the person drinking has to do another shot. If the drinker finishes the shot before the roller rolls another 7-11-or double, that persons turn is over and the dice go to the next person at the table.

The roller cannot touch the dice until the drinker touches his glass. If the dice are rolled off the table, it is considered a party foul and the roller has to drink a shot of beer. You can make up your own variations. Its fun and gets everyone involved and messed up pretty quickly. For quicker drunkeness, do shots of tequila, crown, etc.

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