1996 Republican Debates (Historic)

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From: David Bedno 
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 15:03:15 -0800
To: drink@media.circus.com
Subject: from t.b

-From: beinfang@ix.netcom.com (Jim Porter)
-Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
-Subject: Republican Presidential Debate Drinking Game
-Date: 5 Mar 1996 01:06:04 GMT

(under development)....

  • Whenever Bob Dole refers to himself in the third person, take a drink.
  • When Steve Forbes tells the one about "coming to the attention of Forbes management at an early age," chug.
  • When Pat Buchanon has to defend an anti-Semitic column he has written, chug.
  • When Lamar Alexander manages to slip in a reference to any particular style of shirt, take a drink.
  • When a candidate complains of being the victim of Bob Dole's negative advertising, take a drink.
  • When a candidate refers to "workfare instead of welfare," take a drink.
  • If Alan Keyes is camped out on the lawn outside the debate, take a drink.
  • Any time Richard Nixon's name is mentioned in a positive way, chug.
  • When any candidate refers to another Republican participant as a "liberal," chug.
  • When Pat Buchanon laughs heartily at one of his barbs, take a drink.
  • When Pat Buchanon snorts into or brushes his lapel microphone noisily while another candidate is speaking, chug.
  • Whenever Bob Dole says something mean-spirited, take a drink.
  • When Lamar Alexander tries to place a positive spin on a 4th place finish, take a drink.
  • When Steve Forbes' smile is obviously forced, take a drink.

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