Why the Gates Foundation is Evil

The short, short form: In order to get vaccinations you must sign on to TRIPS (or provide similar protections for Big Pharma) which prevent your nation from producing medicines needed to save lives because of patent protections.

[...]Microsoft lobbied vociferously for the World Trade Organization's TRIPS agreement (the agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property), which obliges member countries to defend patents for a minimum of 20 years after the filing date. As recently as 2007, Microsoft was lobbying the G8 to tighten global intellectual property (IP) protection, a move that would, Oxfam said, "worsen the health crisis in developing countries".1

When coupled with the statements of Erik Iverson, the picture becomes clear. The foundation prioritizes "respect" of IP laws and markets above saving lives. But these laws are promoted by the Gates foundation. In short, you cannot get vaccinations from the Gates Foundation unless you agree not to violate Big Pharma patents even if your people are dying by the thousands.

The Gates Foundation is a scheme to perpetuate the influence of Big Pharma over the people of the world, and damn their health.