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This fine morning Google was in the news (as I found out from Slashdot) as they were being sued for copyright infringement over a video clip on YouTube, which Google is in the purchase of integrating into their hive mind. It turns out that as per the EFF, Landmark Education is filing the suit over a copy of a video that can basically take the credit for chasing them out of France. This video, entitled "Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus", can fairly readily be downloaded (or viewed in streaming format from the previous link.)

It's not quite clear if Landmark is actually linked to scientology, but there is some very good evidence that if it is not, it at least borrows heavily from it. If it's not spawned from scientology, then it clearly uses its methods. The lawsuit is taken directly from the scientology playbook; the Forum alleges that the video contains portions of their copyrighted "leader manual". For an example of the similarity, read this bit of transcript from the video:


Mona Vasquez, you’ve been listening for a few minutes. And I see you were listening intently. Your experience is totally different. You spent several years in Scientology. You entered when you were 20 years old. Are there similarities with what you’ve heard so far? Did you go through this?


Yes, I was also stupefied, I should say. But not in the same way as her. First I’d like to correct one point: I didn’t "enter" Scientology. Someone lent me a book It didn’t contain the word "Scientology." A friend lent me this very interesting book, So there wasn’t any question of me getting into a movement –


But you spent 7 years there –


7 years I didn't see go by. But it's important to point out that the follower doesn't realize he's in a sect. If he did, he'd run the other way. Once he's put under, bamboozled, hypnotized, you're in a sort of haze, and you don't realize it. The follower is the last to realize it. The family takes action, but not the follower. To answer you, I was glued to the video clips. I was a little uncomfortable because I heard all the terminology from Scientology. There was a whiteboard at the beginning with exactly the same words that Hubbard would use, the founder of Scientology. I worked in Denmark at the parent organization of Europe. So I was at the heart of Scientology. So I know the terminology very well, and all of it's the same. On the other hand, I think they may have diversified. If I may –


That’s why you’re here.


I think that cults are very quick. As soon as they sense they are being labeled by the press, or in government reports, they rush to diversify, to take another angle.

What we have here is a cult like scientology that harasses and deludes people into following its program in order to milk them of their time and money.

Incidentally, if you hate scientology, you'll love An Illustrated History of Scientology. Pure hilarity, and a great soundtrack.

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