Kill a tree for Jesus! Then throw it away.

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I guess communism has all the answers!

We've all seen the poorly drawn "Chick" bible tracts lying everywhere; they're on top of the gas pump at the station, they're on bus stops, they're on tables in fast food restaurants. We see them in the supermarket parking lot, and at the car wash. And one thing they all have in common is that they are thrown on the ground, torn in half, and wind up as a blizzard of litter.

What you probably don't know is that the author of these things actually specifically incites people to litter them around.1

Where Jesus wants you to litter

That's right. You are specifically asked to leave these pieces of crap all over creation, as if God himself wanted you to litter. Now, I know it's not one of the ten commandments or anything, but I think not littering is a pretty reasonable tenet of people who actually care about other people.

Just remember, an assortment of 95 Chick tracts is only $14.95! Get yours today, and become a part of the problem!

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